A shorter battery life is going to be the biggest problem for the upcoming iWatch

Probable iWatch shapes
Probable iWatch shapes

It would be a great hassle to charge your smartwatch along with your smartphone every day. This Fast Company article rightly says that if this is the case with the upcoming iWatch, it is going to be its undoing. The days are passé, especially for the wearables, when they talked in terms of “hours” for the battery-power to last. Gadgets like Jawbone, Pebbles and Fitbit can function for days once fully charged.

With the release of different versions of the Fitbit and other smartwatches becoming available for mass use, which you can see on sites similar to Mobile Mob and a variety of other retail outlets, customers can have access to these quality products. Of course, Apple can say that these wearable gadgets don’t have all the functions that iWatch is going to have but still, frequently having to charge a wearable can put off many users especially those who are not nerdy enough to love their gadget so much that they would go to extra lengths to use it and flaunt it.

The problem with batteries is, the longer they last, the bigger in size they grow. Wearable technologies, and to a great extent, even mobile devices, have this restriction that they cannot have very big batteries. The battery technology is improving, but it hasn’t been able to keep pace with the advances other technologies that rely upon these batteries are making.

There was a time when watches used to be a necessity because people couldn’t do without them if it was crucial for them to know the time. It is no longer the case. Rarely people use watches to track time because every other device tells you the time these days. So other than the time, the smartwatches also come with features like health tracking, messaging, social networking updates and in the case of the Samsung Gear S Smartwatch you can even receive and make phone calls directly from your watch. All these functions take up battery power.

The Amazon Kindle battery lasts for even a fortnight depending upon whether Wi-Fi or 3G is active or not, but then it uses the e-ink display that doesn’t consume much battery. Also, all it has to do is, display text. Something similar is required for wearable gadgets.

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