Shooting of three men live-streamed on Facebook Live Video

Shooting of three men live-streamed in Facebook Live Video

A shooting incident in which three men were shot and critically wounded was live-streamed on Facebook Live Video on Tuesday, July 12, 2016. Recently, a woman live-streamed video on Facebook Live Video in which her boyfriend was shot in the arm by a police man – the boyfriend bled to death. Countrywide protests in the US erupted after this particular video by the girlfriend was live-streamed on Facebook Live Video.

In the July 12 incident, the video was being made by three men sitting in a car smoking and listening to music. Initially the camera was pointing at the face of a man sitting in the front passenger seat.

Five minutes into the video, around 30 shots are heard within half a minute. The camera then drops on the floor of the car and the live-streaming goes on for another hour from the floor of the car.

This is an emerging trend of violent incidents being live-streamed on Facebook Live Video and other live-streaming video websites. It isn’t clear whether the men sitting in the car knew about the impending shooting or not. But with millions of people eager to live stream mundane happenings in life there are bound to be such incidents.

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