Shock treatment for Chinese teens who are addicted to the Internet

Internet Addicts Receive Treatment In Beijing
Internet Addicts Receive Treatment In Beijing

The Internet can be addictive, especially when you don’t know when to draw a line. There was a time when the Internet was only for the geeks sending each other emails and tons of research material for other scientists and geeks. As the Internet became available to the hoi polloi it fast started turning into the idiot box the television was a few years ago. With the addiction came in the addiction centres and with the addiction centres came the usual abuse that sometimes addicts have to go through in the name of treatment.

The Chinese have finally decided to put a stop to the rampant abuse going on at the Internet addiction centres. The abuses include electric shock therapy and unsupervised drug administration. It has been reported, as per this Mashable link, that many teenagers and youngsters have died in these Internet addiction centres while getting treatment.

The Chinese government has drafted a new law that may stop these Internet addiction centres from inflicting abuse upon the residents. The new Chinese law, once it goes into effect, will stop these Internet addiction centres from abusing or threatening minors getting treatment there.

The new law will stop online gaming centres and Internet cafes from allowing youngsters to use the Internet beyond certain hours.

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