Send anonymous messages of kindness to strangers with this app

send anonymous messages of kindness to strangers
send anonymous messages of kindness to strangers

A random act of kindness can boost your spirits. Now there is an app – right now just available on the Apple App Store – that allows you to send and receive anonymous messages of kindness to strangers. This app is called Kruzo.

It is a great way to lighten your day or at least your moment. If you’re feeling lonely and totally dejected and you want to reach out to someone without the risk of rejection, this can be a very good way forward. Even if there is no response, there is no harm in sending out the message of kindness to a stranger as an anonymous sender. You are not exposing yourself.

Once you have installed the app on your iPhone or iPad, you just need to create a message and send it to a stranger, preferably, a message of kindness. Then that stranger will reply to your message, and that’s it. It isn’t necessity that that stranger will reply in kindness and this is the reason that you can “Like” messages and even Flag them. But most of the messages that you will be receiving will be messages of kindness from anonymous people.

How can sending anonymous messages of kindness to strangers make you feel good?

It is like releasing something into the universe without the added precondition of knowing that person or fearing the response. Many of us don’t express ourselves because we are not sure how the other person is going to respond. But if the person responding to your message of kindness is a total stranger and on top of that, that person doesn’t know who you are, totally liberates you. You can express yourself in any manner you want because neither the sender nor the recipient knows who is sending and who is receiving the message.

Unfortunately, the app is just available on iOS; let’s hope it’s soon available on other platforms too so that we can all send messages of kindness in a comfortable state of anonymity and after that, who knows? The sky is the limit.

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