Can you have secret conversations in Facebook Messenger?

Having secret conversations in Facebook Messenger
Having secret conversations in Facebook Messenger

It is being rumoured that soon Facebook Messenger may have a feature that will allow you to have secret conversations with people. How much of it is true isn’t very clear.

But what does having secret conversations actually mean in Facebook Messenger? Does it mean when you have conversations with someone those conversations will not be available to, let us say your partner? All people are saying is that the “secret conversations” feature has been “spotted” in the instant messaging app but no one exactly knows what this feature is.

Maybe it means encrypted chats the way you have them in apps like Telegram and even in WhatsApp? Maybe the conversations that you want to keep secret won’t appear on particular devices or on particular operating systems?

Since Facebook wants you to shop around using the Messenger so that it can have its cut, having an encryption technology might be something the company might be taking very seriously.

How to have secret conversations on Facebook Messenger right now?

The best way to have conversations that you would like to keep secret using Facebook Messenger would be of course to keep your password safe and not share your devices with everybody. Otherwise there is no features such as that allows you to create messages that appear cryptic to someone else. The only “secret” thing about having a conversation could be that when your messages are travelling, they cannot be intercepted by a hacker because they are encrypted. So this is how your messages can become secret and this sort of encryption can be availed using third-party tools.

Right now I don’t think there is a mechanism available that can help you have secret conversations on regular messaging apps simply because anybody who can access your device can also access your messages unless you always logout after chatting.

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