Samsung’s loss is Apple’s gain


This report says that 50% of people who owned a Samsung Galaxy Note 7 smartphone are switching to an iPhone. As you know, the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 smartphones have been exploding or setting themselves on fire all over the world and there has been a massive recall. Different airlines have banned people from taking these dangerous smartphones along. Samsung still hasn’t been able to figure out why its flagship phone catches fire and the company seems to have given up all hope on this device. They are stopping its production.

But this is not the only problem. Since they haven’t been able to figure out why the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 smartphone is a randomly catching fire, they cannot proceed with the production of the next version of the smartphone. The worst part is, during various testings, they haven’t been able to replicate the problem.

The exploding smartphone has shaken the confidence of people in Samsung and this is the reason why many of the previous owners of Samsung Galaxy Note 7 are switching to iPhones. According to the IDC survey:

Half of the 24 Note 7 owners polled said they have or will choose an Apple iPhone to replace their recalled phone, while 17% said they would choose another Samsung. Most said they will return the phone through a carrier’s physical store.

So, it is Samsung’s loss and Apple’s gain.

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