Samsung Smart Glow will let you take selfies from the rear camera


Always facing problems when you want to take a selfie with your rear camera? Rear cameras are always more powerful compared to the facing cameras but it is always easier to take selfies using the facing cameras. With the Samsung Smart Glow feature now you will be able to take your selfies from the rear camera.

What is Samsung Smart Glow and how it helps you take better selfies from the rear camera?

This link says that Smart Glow is Samsung’s alternative to the notification LED. A notification LED light is usually at the top of your smartphone, and usually in an Android phone. It turns into different colours according to different situations on your smartphone. For example, when the battery is low the notification LED is red. When the phone is being charged and it has been charged to an extent, the notification LED turns orange. When your smartphone is fully charged, the light is green. But it isn’t just charging that controls how you notification LED looks. Even when you have missed a phone call, your notification LED can tell you.

The Smart Glow in Samsung phones is going to be an illuminated ring around the camera lens. Aside from performing various functions the Smart Glow feature will help you click a perfect selfie with the rear camera of your smartphone.

The problem with taking a selfie with the rear camera is that you don’t know whether the camera of your phone is pointing at your face or not (because the phone screen is on the other side). The Smart Glow ring will self-illuminate in a particular manner when the camera can recognise your face and then it will automatically take the selfie within a few seconds.

The Smart Glow ring is going to come with the new Samsung Galaxy J2 smartphone.

On this thought, if there is so much demand on taking clear selfies with the rear camera, maybe they can also have a small screen on the back side of the phone now that we’re getting very strong screens that don’t get scratched. These small screens can only be used for selfies. Another option would be to make the front camera as good as the rear camera.


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