Samsung lets you do shopping with your eyes


This is a shopaholic’s dream: look at something and it gets purchased. This utopia for the shopaholic is near the realisation in Samsung Galaxy phones where people can make payments for doing shopping using eye-authentication in Samsung Pay. But how can you really do shopping with your eyes? No matter how seamless it may seem due to the heading of this post, it doesn’t actually mean that you can instantly do shopping with your eyes. It just means, when you need to authenticate your payment, you can do it with your eyes instead of using a password.

Samsung Pay has incorporated a technology that allows you to shop using your iris. Iris authentication works same as fingerprint authentication. After you have made a purchase using your Samsung Galaxy phone, you use the Samsung Pay app and then authenticate the payment using your eye. Every device can be authorised to use just one iris authentication – that is, if your Samsung Galaxy phone is used by you to do shopping, only you can make the payments using your eyes and nobody else around you can do so. The eye authentication in Samsung Pay is “impossible to trick” as told to Mashable by Samsung. The iris authentication sensor can know if you are using a real face or a photograph.

This is a good way of encouraging people to make quick payments because they no longer have to depend on passwords. Besides, as people at Samsung say, you cannot trick the device with similar-looking eyes or with the image of the person who can actually authenticate using iris authentication. Some way or the other fingerprint authentication can be duplicated, but not eye-authentication.

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