Samsung will be launching a foldable smartphone that will double as a tablet

Samsung will be launching foldable smartphones
Samsung will be launching foldable smartphones

When it comes to launching larger phones that can easily cause confusion between whether they are smartphones or tablets, Samsung has been a pioneer. It has forced even a snooty company like Apple to recognize the public demand for larger smartphones. Now the electronics company will be launching another smartphone that will be totally different from the ones these days we have: a foldable smartphone that will double up as a tablet.

Why is Samsung launching a foldable smartphone?

  • Work both as a smartphone and as a tablet
  • Will be easier to carry
  • Increase and decrease in size as and when needed
  • Foldable screens are easily available
  • No need to continuously increase the screen size of smartphones
  • No need to force tablets to act like smartphones

A problem with a tablet is that it’s difficult to carry it in your pocket and a problem with the smartphone is that sometimes it is difficult to view the information that you can easily view on a tablet. So why not mix a smartphone and a tablet and create a hybrid. Obviously it results in a foldable smartphone. When you just need a smartphone that you can use to call people and then put it inside your pocket you can fold it and when you need to do some serious reading or watch a movie or something with bigger graphics, you can unfold it.

When folded it will be a 5-inch smartphone and after unfolding it, it can be converted into a 7-inch tablet. Samsung is known to have patented the technology that will allow the company to produce foldable smartphones. The device might be called a “smartlet” – I guess these days no new technology can be introduced without the word “smart” popping up.

The release time is expected to be the next year – 2017. Samsung will start producing foldable OLED displays. According to various rumours available on the Internet, Samsung already has a working prototype that is using a foldable display. Most probably the foldable smartphone that Samsung will be launching will be using the Snapdragon 620 processor and one of its variants may also use the Snapdragon 820 processor. It will come with a microSD slot, 3 GB RAM and a non-removable battery.

Personally I believe Samsung is constantly setting new benchmarks for other technology companies first it took the courageous step by launching bigger smartphones that came to be known as phablets. Before that, perhaps it was the only company selling tablets with an ability to make phone calls. Recently it launched Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge that has a curved edge – something that none of the smartphones in the market have. So maybe, foldable smartphones that can be easily converted into tablets will be something that will set a new trend.

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