Can Samsung Galaxy TabPro S be a good alternative to the big iPad Pro and Microsoft Surface

Samsung Galaxy TabPro S specs and details
Samsung Galaxy TabPro S specs and details

The new Samsung Galaxy TabPro S is aimed at people who prefer bigger tablets, in the line of iPad Pro from Apple and Surface from Microsoft. It is a 12-inch tablet and it is perhaps one of the first tablets from Samsung running Windows 10. Is it an indication that Samsung is planning to move away from the Android environment? Remains to be seen. Normally when tech companies change operating system environment, logically they are not looking for people who will be switching from their existing devices (because of the apps people get used to using); they are looking for new people, people who will be using their gadget for the first time.

Here is a Samsung Galaxy TabPro S unboxing video from Microsoft:

On second thought, it seems more like an ad.

Do people really want to use bigger tablets? It depends. iPad Pro definitely had a good impact on Apple’s bottom line recently and even Microsoft Surface isn’t doing bad considering the fact that it is a late entrant into the tablet market. A recent IDC study has shown that more people are eager to buy bigger tablets.

Bigger tablets like Samsung Galaxy TabPro S mostly attract those people who frequently switch between a laptop and a tablet and they won’t like to carry around 2 gadgets. Bigger tablets can be easily converted into a functional laptops as and when needed. Samsung Galaxy TabPro S is a 2-in1 device with a detachable keyboard. As options you can also purchase the proprietary Bluetooth Pen and a multi-port adapter.

Why multi-port adapter? The Samsung Galaxy TabPro S has just one USB Type-C connection. This is why, if you go for a multi-port adapter, you will get an HDMI and USB A and C output.

The basic Samsung Galaxy TabPro S features and specs

Samsung Galaxy TabPro S, as mentioned above, comes with a 12-inch screen that has Super AMOLED display of 2160 x 1440-pixel resolution, which is slightly smaller than Surface Pro. But it is the first AMOLED display tablet, according to Samsung, that has Windows 10 installed. At 6.3 mm thickness and 693 grams weight, Samsung claims that it is the thinnest and lightest Windows 10 convertible tablet available in the market.

The tablet comes with 4GB RAM and 128GB or 256GB storage. It has Intel’s fanless Core M processor that delivers power quietly. The 5,200mAH battery is supposed to last for 10.5 hours and it can be charged fully in 2.5 hours. Both rear and front facing cameras are 5 megapixels.

Samsung Galaxy TabPro S can run both Windows 10 Home and Windows 10 Pro, depending on your need.

How can Samsung Galaxy TabPro S be a good alternative for iPad Pro and Microsoft Surface?

When you think of an alternative, it depends on your personal preference. If you are a big Apple fan, no matter how great the Samsung tablet is, you are not going to give it a second look. On the other hand, if your primary concern is the functionality, the specs, and the features, then obviously you will be ready to consider other alternatives. Samsung Galaxy TabPro S helps you if you want to get out of the constraining Apple ecosystem, but then again, you must remember that this is a Windows 10 tablet, and not an Android tablet. The list of apps available with Android is hundreds of times bigger than the one available for the Windows 10 environment. Samsung reps openly say that Galaxy TabPro S greatly mimics Surface Pro 4.

Since Samsung is majorly an Android-based manufacturer, it wouldn’t like to push such a big market away by introducing Windows-10-only devices. It would like people to be able to use Android tablets and smartphones with its Windows 10 Galaxy TabPro S. There is a feature called Flow, explained in this Tech Times post, that allows you to use your Android device with Samsung’s Windows 10 device. It acts as an interface.

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