Samsung Galaxy S8 will have a universal voice assistant called Bixby


There is some more news coming out about the upcoming Samsung Galaxy S8 that the Korean electronics company is planning to launch either in February or April 2017. You can read about some leaked specifications of Samsung Galaxy S8.

The new Samsung Galaxy S8 will be using voice assistant called Bixby which will work in all native apps. Most of the smartphones these days are coming with their own voice assistants, including Siri with iPhones and iPads and Google Assistant with the latest Google Pixel smartphones.

Samsung recently purchased Viv Labs, an artificial intelligence company that was founded by the people behind Siri. This company has created an artificial intelligence platform that third-party developers can use to build voice assistants like Siri for different apps.

Samsung will be using the artificial intelligence system built by Viv Labs for its Bixby in its Samsung Galaxy S8 voice assistant. Samsung had previously used S Voice but it mostly worked like Google Voice. Bixby will be much more advanced in the sense that its functionalities will be available in most of the apps running on the smartphone.

As explained on this Sam Mobile link, suppose you are using the Gallery app you will be able to tell Bixby which photographs to show you.

A little problem will be that most of the Samsung smartphones run Android and Android comes from Google and Google uses its own voice assistant called Google Assistant. Although right now Google Assistant is not available on all Android devices and it is available just in Google Pixel smartphones, sooner or later Google would like the assistant to be available in all Android devices. Then there might be a clash between Google Assistant and Bixby.

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