Samsung Galaxy S8 may have Sony batteries


Just to avoid the battery problems that Samsung had with Samsung Galaxy Note 7 the Korean company may decide to go with Sony batteries for its next Samsung Galaxy S8 smartphone. As you may know, lots of Samsung Galaxy Note 7 smartphones caught fire spontaneously and they had to recall their devices from all over the world. Even when trying to find out what was causing the fire, it took Samsung a very long time to figure out why Samsung Galaxy Note 7 was catching fire. This is the reason why there has been a delay in the release of Samsung Galaxy S8.

Samsung hasn’t made it public the battery from which company was causing fires but it uses batteries from 2 companies: Samsung SDI and Amperex Technology in China. So, it was battery from one of these companies. Due to the massive problem in the battery, Samsung doesn’t want to take chances and would like to use Sony batteries (or batteries from any other company that doesn’t have a history of its batteries catching fire). So far none of Sony devices have caught fire and this must be a bit reassuring for Samsung.

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  1. Samsung will do everything to overcome issues they face because of Note 7 batteries. Earlier I heard that they will use LG batteries on the said device. I think Samsung is looking for all possible options to deliver best experience on upcoming devices.

    Good post. Have a good day !

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