Which is better, Samsung Galaxy S7 or iPhone 6S?

Which is better Samsung Galaxy S7 or iPhone 6S
Which is better Samsung Galaxy S7 or iPhone 6S

Which is better, Samsung Galaxy S7 or iPhone 6S? Both the phones are competing with each other in terms of looks, design and functions.

There was a time when the iPhone was the undisputed king of smartphones and the other smartphones were just “cheaper” alternatives for those who couldn’t afford the iPhone. No longer remains the case. In most of the cases Samsung and Apple seem to be competing neck and neck and these days people purchase non-Apple smartphones simply because they don’t want to use an iPhone. I don’t like the iPhone (my sister and niece have it). In fact, I don’t even like the iPad (my daughter has it) because I find the Android environment much open and flexible. Anyway, this is just a matter of taste.

This Android Authority video tries to demonstrate which is better smartphone, Samsung Galaxy S7 or iPhone 6S. The video is actually shot by a YouTuber SuperSaf.

It gives a side-by-side comparison very nicely.

Samsung Galaxy S7 comes with a 12 megapixel rear camera with PDAF (phase detection autofocus). Although every smartphone camera these days gives you phase detection autofocus, these cameras are really fast as you can see in the video. Optical image stabilisation is also available on the cameras of both Samsung Galaxy S7 and iPhone 6S. You can read more about the comparison between Samsung Galaxy is 7 and iPhone 6S, along with a brief description of the specs on this Android Authority link.

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