A Samsung Galaxy S4 burns up and melts on its own

According to this report on CNET this probably happened due to a faulty battery replacement. The phone belonged to a 13-year-old (just imagine, a 13-year-old has a Galaxy S4) in Texas who woke up to find his favorite instrument up in smoke and melting fast. The most dangerous thing is, the phone was under the girl’s pillow when it started burning. It could have turned into a major unfortunate accident.

Here is a video describing the entire incident:

The smell of the burning plastic and other material woke her up when she was sleeping. First she didn’t take it seriously and again fell back to sleep. But then the smell was so strong that she woke up again and found the phone to be burning and melting under her pillow. The girl’s father initially blamed Samsung for it but the company promptly responded that it was the fault of the replacement battery from a third-party manufacturer, which is not recommended by the company. Putting the pillow on the phone was also a major mistake as the advisory from the company says that the phone shouldn’t be covered with bedding or any other material because it could restrict airflow and cause fire. Yes, they actually say that if you cover the phone and stop its airflow, it may catch fire. So it was nothing unpredictable for them. The problem is, many people aren’t aware of this warning. Anyway, it is never a good idea, Samsung or some other phone, to put a phone under your pillow because of the radiation danger. You never know what signal your phone might be sending to your brain while you are supposedly having a peaceful sleep.

Despite putting all the blame to the faulty battery, Samsung has committed to replace the teenager’s smart phone, her mattress, her pillow and even her bedding.

Seriously, I wonder how many people know that you shouldn’t sleep with your phone, especially under your pillow – we have known that for many years now. Even if it doesn’t catch fire, it is not healthy for your brain to sleep on something that deals with signals from mobile towers and satellites.

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