Samsung Galaxy Note 4 is rumored to have three-sided display

Three-sided smartphone screen from Samsung
Three-sided smartphone screen from Samsung

Picking up your smartphone is as it is a difficult task without launching one or another app and Samsung is coming up with a three-sided display smartphone in which the screen spills over the side. So you can say bye to those days when you could hold a phone from its sides.

According to various bits of news leaking on technology websites, like this one, the new Samsung Galaxy Note 4 will come in rounded shape at the corners and these rounded corners will have screen instead of just plastic edges.

What’s the use of creating a three-sided display smartphone? So that you can view your message alerts and other stuff from different angles. Why this facility to be able to view the information from different angles? Suppose the phone is lying somewhere (and you are on your bed) and maybe you can see who is calling or what text message you have received by merely looking at the corners of the phone rather than having to pick it up. With such technologies and user interfaces sometimes you don’t really understand what you are getting until you have gotten it.

Samsung may not compete with Apple in terms of branding but it certainly comes with good trendsetting smartphones. Despite all the sniggering the company manufactured and sold, successfully, big phones that came to be known as “phablets” and with its latest iPhone release Apple is going to follow suit because people no longer want to use those tiny handsets. And now the pre-sided display smartphones. The phone will be using Samsung’s Youm flexible screen technology.

This seems to be an old video but it explains the concept of flexible screens for mobile phones and how “bended displays” can be used to facilitate easier access to information coming through your smartphone.

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