Samsung finally answers why the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 phone was catching fire


Frankly, the only component in a mobile phone that can set it on fire is its battery. For many months Samsung couldn’t find out why the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 smartphone was exploding and catching fire. The company recently declared that it was going to reveal why the mobile phone was catching fire. And now it has come up with an answer.

The Samsung Galaxy Note 7 mobile phone was catching fire and exploding (on many instances). Remember that even the replacements were catching fire?

Anyway, the battery of the first Samsung Galaxy Note 7 had a problem with the external casting. The external casting of the battery was too small for the components inside the battery. This caused short-circuit and the short-circuit ignited the phone. There was no scope for sufficient insulation. The casing of the battery was so small that it couldn’t accommodate the batteries’ electrodes.

The same sort of problem occurred in the replacements.  In a hurry to supply the batteries, the battery supplier sent faulty batteries  and this caused the phone to catch fire, again.

This isn’t actually a secret. Almost everybody had an inkling that  there was some problem in the batteries. The company had to figure out what exactly was the problem.  In this case, the external casting was too small and this was causing the short-circuit. It makes one wonder why it took such a long time for Samsung to find this out. Another puzzling thing is that 2 battery suppliers sent faulty batteries to Samsung one after the other.

Samsung has taken full responsibility of its failure to pinpoint the problem in the batteries before shipping out the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 devices  all over the world. Although in the current communication Samsung hasn’t revealed the name of the battery supplier, they are most probably Samsung SDI and the Chinese company Amperex Technology. As of now the company is not planning to take legal action against the battery suppliers.

Samsung has promised that the company will introduce an 8-step procedure on future smartphones to ensure that such problems don’t recur.


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