The sale of Xiaomi Mi3 smartphone is discontinued

Xiaomi Mi3 discontinued
Xiaomi Mi3 discontinued

After making records selling more than 95,000 Mi3 smartphones through Flipkart Xiaomi has decided that it is discontinuing the sale of these phones and would instead focus on its Redmi 1S model that seems to be more promising compared to the one it is chucking. People who were really looking forward to getting hold of the Xiaomi Mi3 smartphone in the next batch of releases are in for a disappointment, and maybe even the companies like Flipkart and Snapdeal that were promoting this particular model on their websites. According to Manu Jain, the head of Xiaomi’s operations in India:

Over next few weeks, we will focus on Redmi 1S, and Mi 3 won’t be available. We will take the final call after few weeks, once we have more visibility / data points.

Two things seem strange with this statement: since he talks about taking the final call after a few weeks, it isn’t really clear whether Mi3 has completely been discontinued or there is a chance that they will revisit their decision after a few weeks. Another strange thing is, even if they want to focus on Redmi 1S, why do they want to discontinue the Xiaomi Mi3 model? Companies sell different models at the same time and they don’t discontinue one model so that they can promote another model. Does it mean when they want to focus on another Xiaomi model, they’re going to discontinue Redmi 1S? This seems like shaky ground. Especially when the phone was selling like hotcakes – it’s not like people weren’t buying it.

It also shows that the company takes its customers for granted. Whether Xiaomi wants to focus on its Chinese, Indonesian and Brazilian markets or it wants to focus on other models, it shouldn’t suddenly discontinue a phone when thousands of people have bought it just a couple of weeks ago.

People are suckers for cheap phones and to an extent this is understandable and precisely this was the reason why people in India quickly lapped up the Mi3 model like there were riots going on. But you need to exercise caution the next time this company launches a hot and cheap phone. Before you unbox it, they may discontinue it.

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