Russian ships near undersea data cables making USA uncomfortable

The U.S.A. fears that in the event of an out and out conflict Russia will be in a position to cut the undersea data cables due to the proximity of its warships to them. The Russian spy ships and submarines are operating at the vital undersea cables that carry almost all global Internet communications. American military and intelligence officials are worried that the Russians will be easily able to destroy the cables under growing tensions between different countries. This might bring the global communication to a halt.

According to this New York Times report Russia is already at the hardest-to-access locations to be able to completely severe the fibre-optic cables that connect the Western governments and their economies and citizens completely depend on the communication running through these cables. During the Cold War days both the countries – America and Russia – had developed abilities to snoop into each other’s messages through the undersea cables but these days Russia has gained a strategic advantage of being near the fibre-optic cables that can be cut within a few minutes in case of an international conflagration.

According to various intelligence reports, there has been a global accelerated activity by the Russian armed forces.

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