The new Russian Internet chief allegedly owns a torrent website

Russian Internet chief owns torrent website
Russian Internet chief owns torrent website

Russia is synonymous with spam and click fraud. It’s spam mafia is legendary. Gigantic server farms are run just to carry out massive spamming operations. The new Russian Internet chief, Herman Klimenko, appointed by Vladimir Putin, is reported to own a torrent website called with as many as 1.3 million registered users, according to this Next Web report.

Don’t know what’s a torrent website? Torrent websites are normally used to distribute and download copyrighted material illegally. People use torrent websites all over the world to download pirated software, movies, songs and practically whatever can be downloaded in digital format.

According to the reports appearing in the local media, the WHOIS information of the website can be traced back to Klimenko who owns The torrent website was supposedly purchased by ECO PC Solutions which was registered by Alvetina Jacobson who heads a new TV channel for Since she is working under Klimenco and  she seems to have registered the domain in official capacity, it is being assumed that the torrent website is being run with full support from the new Russian Internet chief.

Klimenco has clarified his stand in a Facebook post who’s translated text appears below:

“An amazing story with torrents. In their possession they no nothing illegal. You only need to cooperate with the authors and help them to fight for their rights. Those who are not helping, being punished. Those who are helping, not being punished.”

Since the text has been automatically translated it is unclear whether he actually supports running the torrent website to distribute pirated material or he is trying to convey something else. He seems to be saying that rather than doing something illegal, the torrent websites empowers people and those who don’t help people by running torrent websites are punished, or something like that.

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