How to always run a program as administrator in Windows 10

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Run a Windows 10 program always as administrator

Andrew from South Africa asks

Although it is good that programs in Windows 10 and even in Windows 8 cannot be run as “administrator” which means certain features are not available to users who are not the administrators or those who don’t have access to the admin area of Windows 10. But if you are the only person using your computer, it becomes a nag to open certain applications as administrator whenever you need to make some fundamental changes. How can I always run a program as Administrator in Windows 10 so that I don’t have to bother with right clicking on the actual icon (you cannot run a program as an administrator from the taskbar itself)?

TechBakBak answers

Almost all the Windows 10 programs are run in non-administrator mode, which means, inadvertently you don’t harm your system. This is good. But I agree it might be a problem if you are the only person using your computer and there is no possibility of someone else fiddling with your settings and programs in your absence. This means, it is safe to always run particular programs as “Administrator”.

Not all programs and apps can be always run as administrator. You can do this only with desktop versions of applications, not the apps that you download and install from the Windows App Store.

Let’s assume you want to run MS Word always as an administrator.

  1. When you are on the desktop, click the Windows 10 Start icon at left-bottom
  2. If the MS Word icon does not show up, use the search box at the bottom to look for it
  3. When the MS Word icon shows up, right click on it and then from within the context menu, click More and then from the submenu, click “Open file location
  4. This will open up a new Windows Explorer window where you will be focused on the MS Word shortcut
  5. Right-click on the MS Word shortcut and then click Properties
  6. In the box that shows up, click “Advanced…
  7. If it is unchecked, check the “Run as administrator” checkbox
  8. Click OK and then click Apply

If you follow the steps correctly, you should always be running MS Word as administrator. Using the same method, you can always run a program as administrator.

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