Run mobile apps without installing them to access their data

Running android apps without installing them

When we talk of running mobile apps without installing them I don’t mean you will be able to run your favourite games without having to install them on your mobile phone. What it means is, now using Google Search, you will be able to access data that is only available through the apps. For example, there is a food company that has different offers on the website and from within the mobile app. You must have come across many mobile apps to access exciting offers from websites like Flipkart and Foodpanda. When people are using Google Search, these offers are not available to its users because they are exclusively available through the apps. Since Google Search is missing out on these offers, for long Google has been talking with these companies to make such data crawlable and indexable so that it can also be included in the search results. This is explained further in this Business Insider link.

This might be a win-win situations for both Google as well as the companies making their data available through the Google search engines. Not everybody wants to install an app but nonetheless, would like to avail the offers. Companies offer exclusive deals through their apps to encourage people to install the apps but it doesn’t make much sense because why try to trap people into confined ecosystems especially when most prospective customers are reluctant to do so? The companies are losing out on customers who don’t want to use the apps. Google might be losing people who are not using the search engine but instead are using the apps to avail the offers. If suddenly the information is available through multiple platforms, everybody gains.

Does the importance of apps then diminishes? Not necessarily. Besides, the basic point is not promoting the app, especially for companies selling retail products through the apps and not the actual apps in order to make money, the basic point is making more sales and it doesn’t matter whether the sales happen through the app or through the Google search engine.

Image source: Business Insider

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