Rock, paper and scissors, and bullying in Android’s latest ad

Rock, paper, scissors in the recent android ad
Rock, paper, scissors in the recent android ad

Tech companies are coming up with creative ads to convey their message in an entertaining manner. After all advertising shouldn’t just promote a particular product or service in a drab manner, it should also be able to draw people to the central message. Yesterday I told you about a series of advertisements being produced by Microsoft that use “bug chicks” that compare various features that a Windows 10 PC has but a Mac computer doesn’t.

The recent Android ad has the proverbial rock, paper and scissors signifying various hierarchies bullies and those who get bullied have to operate in.

Rock, paper and scissors, as you know our traditional enemies but in this Android ad, due to the situation they get into, they end up being friends.

As you can read on this Verge link, in order to grasp the true import of the ad you need to know the context which obviously I don’t know. All I can see are these cute characters who enter into various situations, help each other and then become friends despite being so different from each other.

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