Robot helps LA police to disarm a murder suspect


A robot working with law enforcement agencies made history recently when police used a robotic device to send explosives to kill Micah Xavier Johnson during the Dallas shootout. A robot was used by the Dallas Police Department to take down the shooter who was hiding behind a car.

In a second major incident, according to this Facebook post by the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department, a robot was used to disarm the 52-year-old Ray B. Bunge who was hiding in a dark, open field and the deputies had lost sight of him. Since he was armed it was very dangerous to pursue him. A helicopter was able to locate him. With his gun, he was hiding in a small dugout dirt berm and he had surrounded himself with shrubs and fencing wire. A public address system was used to warn him and to encourage him to surrender but he refused.

Then the special weapons team that was assisting the local police came up with a plan. While the suspect was distracted by the team members sitting inside a protective armoured vehicle, a robot was sent to take the gun from the suspect from behind. The robot not only took the gun that was lying beside the suspect, it also uncovered the suspect by removing the wire sheet. When the suspect realised that he had been exposed and his gun had been taken by a robot, he surrendered without resistance.

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