Road safety restrictions for people riding hoverboards in California

Road safety restrictions for people riding hoverboards
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Road safety restrictions, normally looked down upon by youngsters, especially of the age group riding hoverboards, are meant to keep you and the others in your vicinity, safe. As more and more people are found to be using hoverboards at public places, and even on roads, some road safety restrictions are being imposed in California to ensure the safety of people using them. In fact, the so-called “tech toys” are becoming mainstream with such great speed that recently a priest in the Philippines was suspended while delivering his Friday mass riding a hoverboard that had been gifted to him by someone. These road safety restrictions are not meant to discourage people from using hoverboards, they are mainly to make sure that people remain within the safety limits while using them.

Hoverboards have been one of the most gifted tech toys this Christmas. Millions of videos have been posted people using them and even having various accidents while using them. Here is the video of Mike Tyson riding the hoverboard and then having a terrible fall.

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The new law has become effective this January 1, 2016. The California Highway Patrol will be enforcing the law for the next 5 years and people found to be violating the road safety restrictions could face a fine up to $250.

The new California road safety restrictions require people using the hoverboards on public roadways to stick to the roads with speed limits of 35 miles per hour or less. They should also wear helmets. They should stick to the bike lane and should not go faster than 15 miles per hour. Only people over 16 may ride the hoverboards on public roadways.

Different local ordinances may decide to have different variations of the road safety restrictions. For examples, the road safety restrictions in San Francisco don’t allow hoverboards on sidewalks.

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