Revolt: a personal flying machine by a start-up


I believe personal flying machines are not far away. By personal flying machine I mean an apparatus that can be used by a single individual to fly. Maybe later on even family members too can be accommodated, just like a car. So instead of driving a car, use a small, totally manoeuvrable flying machine for travel and recreation. A new start-up has created a personal flying machine called Revolt that allows individuals to not just fly as hobbyists, but also for the sake of travel.

Revolt is a KickStarter project, that is, the personal flying machines will be crowd-funded. Initially it aims to raise € 95,000 and so far it has raised € 19,700 (at the time of writing this).

Here is a video describing how this latest personal flying machine works:

As you can see right now it is just a small modification of the usual paragliding mechanism. It has a paragliding wing and also the brake lines. The difference is the seat contains the mechanism that allows you to control the speed and the direction of the personal flying machine. This mechanism attached behind the seat or the harness, is controlled by batteries. Once you are in the air, you can control the machinery to go in whichever direction you want.

This is one of the first versions of personal flying machines, as ultimately, we will require machines that can simply take off instead of one having to use a huge wing and a run-up. For example, it will be difficult to use this personal flying machine called Revolt in a congested city. You need lots of open space in order to be able to operate and manage this personal flying machine. Since you need open spaces, there is a chance that it will still be used as a slightly advanced paragliding activity rather than a practical personal transportation facility.

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