Review of the TrakFamily GPS location tracking watch with calling feature

Trak GPS location tracking watch with calling facility
Trak GPS location tracking watch with calling facility

Recently when my daughter’s irresponsible schoolteacher left her on the road we decided to invest in a GPS location tracking watch. Although she has a Samsung Galaxy J5 smartphone kids are not allowed to take phones to school and besides, she constantly complained about having to carry a mobile phone in a sling bag while going to the playground.

The GPS location tracking watch seemed like a good option because once a kid has worn the watch on the wrist, it pretty much stays there, without getting in the way of doing different things like playing. Some people may judge parents using this technology because it’s is almost like the GPS ankle monitors that courts use to track convicts during home arrests. However, I believe that it is useful for if you are picking up children from their friends house, or just generally knowing where your child is in an instant.

I did some research. Since we didn’t have much experience with a GPS location tracking watch before we didn’t want to spend lots of money on a watch that wouldn’t solve the purpose. There are many fitness tracking watches easily available, but GPS location tracking watches for kids aren’t easily available. Interestingly, when I looked up on the Internet, the TrakFamily GPS location tracking watch came up quite easily and after doing some reading on the watch, I decided to purchase it.

I wouldn’t call the TrakFamily GPS location tracking watch a smartwatch. It is a very basic watch but it almost does everything that we would like such a watch to do, although there can be many functions that can be incorporated in future watches.

My first impression of the TrakFamily GPS location tracking watch

My first impression was quite subtle. In the image you see above the watch looks quite good but when you actually unbox it, it looks like a cheap toy. There is no logo – in the image above you can see the Trak logo, but when you actually take out the watch from the box, there is no branding, there is no name, and there is no logo. This is how the watch actually looks:

how the TrakFamily GPS location tracking watch actually looks

As you can see on the screen, there is no name. So the company pretty much might have sent any watch, calling it a Trak GPS watch.

The website – – has an Indian address (in New Delhi address) but they are actually distributors for the Chinese company that manufactures this GPS location tracking watch. The original website of the watch manufacturer seems to be this one: As you can see, this website is completely in Chinese and hence, no great help.

Setting up the Trak GPS location tracking watch

I’m alternating between TrakFamily and Trak because I’m not sure what the real name of the watch is.

Anyway, not much help is available if you want to set up the watch. It comes with a very badly printed help menu and reading the text is very difficult.

You will need a 3G/4G, GPS-enabled SIM card to run this watch, which is understandable. Once you have inserted the SIM card, you need to recharge the watch for 3-4 hours. The charging jack is quite weird. It seems as if you just place the pins of the charger into the jack and the moment you move the watch a bit, it disconnects. Still, this is the only way to charge the watch.

Once you have charged the watch you should start setting it up.

Since it is a GPS location tracking watch to monitor your kids, you will need a smartphone app to monitor the watch. There are Android and iOS versions available.

The best Android app for this particular model is SetTracker3. There are SetTracker and SetTracker2 but they seem to have some problem. Pay attention to the logo. Install the app with this logo:

Setracker3 logo

We had to struggle a lot while setting up the watch with the phone but it could be because my daughter had used up all the data on her SIM card and I hadn’t realised that. So, all the time I was getting the message that the watch was off-line. She had consumed all her calling data as well as mobile data so I had to recharge her SIM card.

Once this was out of the way, I needed to set up the watch so that it could communicate with the SIM carrier.

The watch can be set up two ways: automatically and manually.

If you want to set up the TrakFamily GPS location tracking watch automatically, go to this link:

This is the best way to set up the watch and I would advise don’t try to setup using the manual method mentioned in the printed manual. It wasn’t working when I tried it.

Once the watch is set up you can do the following with the watch and the mobile app:

  1. Make phone calls to the watch from a mobile phone
  2. Make phone calls from the watch to a mobile phone
  3. Track the watch using the GPS location
  4. Send text messages and voice messages using the Internet connection of the watch and the mobile phone (like in WhatsApp but a basic level).

Only those numbers can be used for calling and receiving calls that have been entered in the watch’s phonebook. Every setting has to be done through the mobile phone app. Even the numbers that you add to the watch have to be added using the interface of the mobile app.

The watch has two dedicated buttons for calling “mom” and “dad”. There is an SOS button that immediately sends a text message to all the phone numbers in the phone book.

You can also set up Safety and Dangerous zones. You will get an alert if your child steps out of the safe zone or enters the danger zone. I haven’t yet set up zones in my daughter’s watch but I plan to do that soon.

You also get an alert when the kid takes off the watch but these alerts are not very friendly. They don’t remain in the notifications area – they definitely should. It means, when the kid takes off the watch, unless you are directly looking at your mobile phone at that time, you’re going to miss the message, so it solves no purpose.

The watch does not have a touchscreen: as I mentioned above, all the setup happens from the mobile app that you install on your smartphone.

The screen of the smartwatch isn’t as snazzy as it looks on the images on the website. It’s a very basic screen.

All in all, it is solving the purpose right now. It cost me almost Rs. 4000 and I purchased it from

We can call our daughter when she is playing on the playground. She can also call us (only those numbers can be called to on the watch that exist in the phone book, which is good). She doesn’t have to carry the phone all the time and she is quite happy with it. The sound is quite good when we talk.

Would I recommend this watch? For the time being, yes. Nothing fancy, I’d much prefer a hublot big bang. But if you’re looking for a watch that allows you to call your kid and your kid can call you, this is a good option. He or she can even wear the watch and go to school and nobody will bother unless the kid creates a nuisance trying to show off the watch in the class.

GPS location tracking is good. It is not precise but it is as good as any smartphone these days. You can send text messages if you don’t feel like calling but for small kids sending text messages doesn’t normally work, so you should better call.

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