Researching for your next smartphone or any other gadget? The Review Index can help you

The Review Index screenshot
The Review Index screenshot

The web is the natural stop if you are researching for your next smartphone, tablet, television, or any other electronic gadget you can think of. Of course, you can also ask your geeky friend or brother, or sister, for a first-hand insight, but if there is nobody around or if you prefer to find your own information, you log on to your favourite search engine, let’s say Google, and type in the model number or some broad category you would like to find information on.

Maybe you’re looking for a phone with a high-quality camera. Maybe you want an HDTV of a particular aspect ratio. Maybe you want to read reviews of smartphones with great battery life. Maybe you’re looking for something sleek and light. Maybe you’re looking for a home camera system to improve your home’s security. If so, you may want to check out these home security cameras reviews to help you get started.

Does Google ever disappoint you? Rarely. You will find millions of reviews – blog posts, YouTube videos and infographics – and you can spend a couple of weeks going through individual reviews.

There is a great chance that you will end up more confused and clueless than you were before deciding to research. Not every review is there to help you decide, unless of course, you are reading some review on because here, our ultimate aim of publishing reviews is to help you decide what you want to purchase and what you don’t want to purchase.

But, wouldn’t it be great if you could have a highly intelligent gadget reviews search engine that could give you just the reviews you are looking for?

You may like to check out The Review Index, a reviews-indexing website that uses machine learning algorithms and artificial neural networks analysis to scour through the popular review websites, blogs and online forums and give you the best possible insight on the smartphone or any other gadget you’re looking for.

These are the typical problems you face when you are researching on your favourite gadget on the Internet:

  • There are too many choices. Too much content. Too many videos, websites and blogs vying for your attention.
  • It’s difficult to differentiate between genuine content intended to help you, and spam. Lots of content on the Internet is created just to get search engine traffic.
  • Lots of disparate opinion on the same topic. Different people may have different opinions on the gadget you want to purchase. Their reviews are not written to help you, but to express their own opinions.

The Review Index intends to help you make sense of the gargantuan amount of information available on the Internet. Since it is not humanly possible to sift through gazillions of blog posts, webpages, comments and online forum threads, The Review Index uses advanced machine learning technology and natural language processing to make sense of what is being said about a particular gadget, in what context it is being said and what conclusion can be drawn.

The main highlights of The Review Index are:

  • Uses machine learning algorithms and artificial neural network processing to analyse gadget review content on the Internet.
  • Helps you discover products based on your needs.
  • Presents to you summaries and insights based on mass opinion.
  • Collates prices, specs and reviews in a readable, understandable format that immediately helps you decide.

The public beta of the website has been recently launched. Currently it provides you insight on 3 categories – mobile phones, speakers and televisions. Later on more categories will be added. It mostly caters to Indian consumers.

I think it has a good potential of turning into a “Goodreads” for gadgets. Goodreads started as a platform that allows people to talk about their favourite books. Later on they started allowing people to purchase books from the website itself, making it money in the process.

The Review Index may follow the same path. It may build traffic by providing useful insight to its visitors and then start collaborating with different retailers, merchants and suppliers to directly sell gadgets from the website. It’s a nice and unique concept, and has great potential if handled properly.

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