Remix OS is an Android system that you can install on a PC desktop

With Remix OS you can install Android on your PC desktop
With Remix OS you can install Android on your PC desktop

Why would you install Android on your PC desktop when you already have plenty of tried and tested operating systems like Windows, the various flavours of Ubuntu, and of course OS from Apple? Well, why not? Android is a great operating system and it would be fun if you could install it on your PC desktop. With the help of Remix OS from Jide you can use the most widely used mobile operating system on a PC desktop.

Coming back to the question why you would use an Android system on a PC desktop? Maybe you don’t like Windows 10. Maybe Ubuntu has begun to turn you off because nothing much is happening over there. Or maybe you have a spare laptop or PC that is now unable to run a full-fledged operating system. For the sake of playing around or using an old PC, this is a great way. As mentioned on the website, you can breathe a new life into an old PC or laptop. There are zillions of apps that are available for free in the Android environment and their Windows 10 counterparts are not free.

You can install Remix OS on an office PC, in a school or at home. Since right now it is available only in alpha or beta versions I wouldn’t recommend using it for serious and sensitive work. Just play around with it; play games and watch TV shows or post messages on Facebook or Twitter. Basically, whatever you can do it in Android, you can do it by installing Remix OS on your PC or laptop.

Initially, as reported on this Verge link, the company had launched a separate machine using the Android operating system. The machine could help you project your Android device into conventional PC or laptop. Encouraged by the response, now they have developed an entire operating system that can be installed on any x86 PC or laptop and as being claimed in the above linked, even on a Mac.

You just need to download the system image, copy it onto a USB drive and then boot from the drive, as simple as that. But anyway, if you are interested in checking it out, the instructions are quite simple in order to install Remix OS on your PC desktop and experience Android on a computer:

  1. Download Remix OS somewhere on your computer and unzip the file in a new folder.
  2. Attach the USB drive to your PC.
  3. In the folder that you created in step 1 you will find a Remix OS USB Tool file. Run it in order to burn the ISO file onto your USB drive.
  4. Reboot your PC and while it is rebooting, press F12 to go to the boot options menu.
  5. From the boot options menu select “USB Storage Device” in order to boot from that device.
  6. Select either “Guest Mode” or “President Mode” to start Remix OS on your PC desktop.

Make sure that you don’t end up wiping of your existing operating system installation, just in case. Playing around with different operating systems isn’t safe unless you are sure what you’re doing.

Using the instructions present on the website I was able to set up the USB drive and then after booting from it, I was able to load the Remix OS. It was quite obvious that it is still in the beginning stage as many of the functions that can be easily performed on even a basic PC, were not available on Remix OS. I couldn’t even load Google Docs from the default browser that comes with Remix OS. I couldn’t install apps because when I went to the Google Play Store it kept displaying the devices that I have already, but not my PC. It didn’t even show me the other drives on my PC when I loaded the operating system run from the USB drive. When you do it with Ubuntu (that is, load the operating system from the USB drive) you can easily see the other drives and in case you need to manipulate some files, you can do that.

Anyway, it is a good operating system, at least for the time being, to play around with.

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