How to never miss reminders on your Android phone

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Never miss reminder notifcations on your Android phone

It’s great to be able to set up reminders on your Android phone but the problem is most of the times you miss the reminders. So how to make sure that you never miss reminders on your Android phone?

In most of the reminder notification apps for Android, you have to wade through a slew of features before you can actually set up a reminder. And even if you have set up a reminder, you soon lose track of it because it becomes a part of your general notifications.

You may like to try out Renotify. It’s a nice app that is specifically designed to help you set up reminders on your Android phone so that you never miss them. How is it different from your usual task management and reminding apps? You can manage your reminders through the notification tray – you don’t have to leave your current app in order to be able to manage your reminder notifications. You can dismiss your reminder notification, you can snooze it and you can even add further information.

But how does the app make sure that you never miss reminders once you have set them up on your Android phone?

  1. You can create a new reminder with just a single click – save the shortcut icon on your home screen or even on your lock screen. The moment you tap on the icon the cursor is already waiting in the text box, so just start typing.
  2. When you look at your screen the next time, the reminder will be waiting for you – this is why you never miss your reminder notification.
  3. Unlike other notifications, your reminders don’t get lost in a long list of notifications.

The biggest reason why you would use Renotify is that it’s extremely fast and easy to set up reminders and since you can see the reminders as soon as you check your screen, you won’t be missing them.

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