Remember that Windows 10 vulnerability recently made public by Google? Microsoft has released a patch


You must have read recently that Google first reported a Windows 10 bug to Microsoft and then made it public within 10 days. Microsoft was complaining that Google didn’t give it enough time to release a patch and it should have waited for a few more days instead of making the bug public and making more hackers aware of it. The good news is, Microsoft has released a patch for the recent Windows 10 vulnerability. If you are interested in finding out more about how you could get help with safeguarding your computers and network from attacks, you might be interested in a vulnerability service similar to among others that could be suited to your needs.

According to this update from Microsoft, “This security update is rated Important for all supported releases of Windows. The security update addresses the vulnerability.”

The Windows 10 vulnerability pointed out by Google could allow hackers to exploit the win32k.sys system call to exit the Windows 10 sandbox and gain administrative access to your computer. After making sure that computers couldn’t be compromised via Google Chrome, Google made the Windows 10 vulnerability public, infuriating Microsoft.

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