Remember Picasa? Google is shutting it down

Google is shutting down Picasa in favor of Google Photos
Google is shutting down Picasa in favor of Google Photos

Picasa from Google, it seems, has had its run. A few years ago it was on every computer, especially a computer that had lots of images. Beginning March 15, 2016, according to this Google Picasa blog, the support for the application will no longer be available and the images stored in Picasa Web Albums will be archived.

Google Photos head Anil Sabharwal says on the blog post that the company is retiring Picasa so that it can focus on developing a single service that provides more functionality and works across mobile and desktop, rather than divide their efforts across 2 different products.

Google Photos, if you are not aware of its existence, allows you to upload and automatically sync your photos across all your devices. The cloud storage space for Google Photos is unlimited.

Just like many software utilities that were being offered free of cost Picasa has met its natural end and the problem with the alternative Google Photos might be the same unless Google can figure out how to make money out of it. When you are setting up Google Photos account though you are asked whether you would like to use its unlimited option or use your present Google Drive account for which you might be paying (I do).

Picasa, compared to other image management PC tools, was quite decent. It had many options to manage your photographs. Once installed it goes through every drive and folder and then organizes your photographs (visually, not physically) according to years and months. It allows you to create different photo albums according to themes and other topics. Whenever you create or add new photos or images to your PC it automatically crawls the new addition and adds it to the appropriate category.

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