Remember those Nokia 3310 mobile phones? They are back with a new design

Nokia 3310 is back with a revamped design
Nokia 3310 is back with a revamped design

When people had just about started using mobile phones you must remember many used to carry that roundish, elongated Nokia 3310 mobile phone. Back then we didn’t have smartphones and mobile phones were mostly used for making calls.

The good old, nostalgic Nokia 3310 mobile phones are back after almost 17 years. They look pretty good, actually. The Nokia brand was purchased by HMD Global from Microsoft sometime back and since then the company has been trying to relaunch the brand and create a space for it.

It goes without saying that Nokia 3310 is going to be a low-cost phone primarily catering to those who are looking for a good mobile phone to make calls, check text messages and play the snake game that comes preloaded with the mobile phone. Nokia 3310 will be introduced at the Mobile World Congress that is scheduled to take place in Barcelona this year.

image of three Nokia 3310 mobile phones

The original Nokia 3310 was launched in 2000 and almost 120 million devices were sold all over the world. I remember both my parents had these mobile phones. As better, sleeker mobile phones began to flood the market, the iconic phone was phased out in 2005.

The mobile phone’s battery can last up to a month on standby. Different colour options will be available. The screen size will be 2.4 inches and it will give you better readability in sunlight. Here is the official video of the Nokia 3310 mobile phone:

With this mobile phone you will get a 2-megapixel rear camera, no front camera, 240 x 320 pixels resolution, and 16MB storage.

Although it is being touted as an Android phone, it will be using its Series 30 operating system.

The mobile phone comes with dual Sim (both GSM) and you will be able to use micro Sim cards.

You will also be able to use 32GB microSD card.

The design of the Nokia 3310 mobile phone has been totally revamped according to 2017. It’s quite sleek and quite light. It comes with very basic features but maybe that was the objective of launching a low-cost phone. It can be used both by those who want to use a mobile phone just for making and receiving phone calls, and those who are looking for a low-cost phone, but good looking one.

Is it a silly idea or a good idea? I think it is a good idea. There is a huge market for entry-level phones. Having a mobile phone is no longer an option – no matter what is your economic background, there is a great possibility that you have a mobile phone.

Besides, people want to use simple devices because smartphones are very distracting. Even if you want to leave your smartphone behind while going out, you cannot because you want to remain connected to your loved ones. With phones like Nokia 3310, you can carry a phone without the extra paraphernalia that comes with the usual smartphones.

According to this official Nokia Web page, Nokia 3310 may cost € 49 although the price may differ according to where you live or where you purchase it.

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