Remember Google Voice? Google has a redesigned and relaunched it

Google voice is redesigned
Google voice is redesigned

Google had launched Google Voice around 5 years ago but then it vanished somewhere in the background with zillions of other apps popping up here and there. Google Voice is a telephoney service or app that allows you to use a single phone number for all your telephone numbers.

Right now Google Voice seems to be available just in the US. Although, people try to use the service in different countries, using it is not as seamless as it is in its country of origin. With Google Voice you can send text messages from your computer or mobile phone, people can leave a voicemail and you can access it from anywhere, and best, you can make international calls at very low rates.

The confusing part is, Google has many apps and services that allow you to communicate. There is Google Allo. There is Google Duo. Even Google Hangouts work quite well although right now I’m not sure how many people are using the app for making video calls. And now again Google is pushing forward Google Voice with a totally new design. Google has updated all the Google Voice apps on Android, iOS and web.

In this Google blog post Google writes:

The first thing you’ll notice about the updated Google Voice apps is a cleaner, more intuitive design that keeps everything organized. Your inbox now has separate apps for text messages, calls and voicemails. Conversations stay in one continuous thread, so you can easily see all your messages from each of your contacts in one place.

So basically they have reorganized the information.

Here is an old video that explains the concept behind Google Voice. This video is 5-year-old.


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