Regularly upgrade your software to avoid malware and virus attacks

update software applications for security patch
update software applications for security patch

Constantly upgrading your software can be a pain, especially when you need to do it manually. But this is something you shouldn’t avoid because whenever a software company releases a new version, aside from adding features, it also adds patches to the security holes or the oversights that hackers can use to get access to your system and cause all sorts of problems.

This News ABC article rightly says that the Internet-connected devices (Internet of Things) make it very easy for even novice hackers to get access to people’s devices and through these devices, get access to even those devices that are relatively safe.

For example, if your mobile phone, a comparatively safer device, is connected to your surveillance camera (which is connected to the Internet in order to be able to connect to your mobile phone) that is not as safe as your mobile phone, someone can 1st get access to your surveillance camera and then through your surveillance camera, that person can get access to your mobile phone. So even if it is not the fault of your mobile phone, just because it’s easy to get access to your surveillance camera, your mobile phone too becomes vulnerable.

Upgrading your app or your operating system can seem like a hassle when you are impatient to use your device and get on with your life. That’s small notification that urges you to upgrade your app or your operating system should be taken seriously because it just takes a few seconds to upgrade your app and just a few minutes to upgrade your operating system.

Many upgrades happen automatically but sometimes, we switch automatic updates off. For example, on my Android phone I have set automatic updates to “off” in order to save space on apps that I don’t need to upgrade. It means whenever there is a notification that urges me to upgrade one of my apps, I have to do it manually from the Google Play Store.

Similarly, when my daughter’s iPad urges me to upgrade to the next version of iOS, I immediately do it no matter what I am about to do at that time.

As I have already written above, not every upgrade gives you new features. Most of the upgrades are for patching up vulnerabilities. For example, millions of web pages running on WordPress 4.7.0 and 4.7.1 were recently hacked and WordPress quickly released version 4.7.2 with the required patch. Those who are not aware of the hacking attack and haven’t yet upgraded to 4.7.2 are still vulnerable to the attack.

The next time your system prompts you to upgrade, don’t defer it. Even if you don’t want new features, upgrade your app or your operating system to keep your device safe from malware and hacking attacks.

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