You will be refueling your mobile phones instead of recharging them

Refuelling your mobile phone instead of recharging
Refuelling your mobile phone instead of recharging

Imagine that you don’t have to recharge your mobile phone; you simply have to refuel it. What’s the difference, you may ask? Before I answer this, the good news is that you will be very soon refueling your mobile phones instead of recharging them.

The problem with recharging your mobile phone is that you have to do it every day and sometimes when you are recharging, your mobile phone is rendered useless. This happens when you are leaving your phone somewhere to be recharged. It takes anywhere between 35-120 minutes to properly recharge your phone. This becomes a nuisance and this is an activity that you have to perform almost every day, and if you’re a power user, may be multiple times in a single day.

What if instead of recharging, you could just refuel your mobile phone? This TechCrunch link says that it might be possible very soon. If you refuel your mobile phone instead of recharging it, you will be ready to go within a few minutes or just a single minute. All you have to do is, replace the embedded fuel cell power generators inside your phone.

Then you will get cartridges of hydrogen-rich fuel at retail stores. You can simply use the cartridge to refuel your mobile phone and you will be set. Unlike the usual battery recharge, you won’t have to do every day – depending upon your usage, just once or twice a month.

Just to be on a safer side, you can always keep a cartridge with you in case you fear that you may run out of power during a long drive.

Why refueling your mobile phone is better than recharging?

The mobile phone technology more or less, for the time being, has reached a plateau. Right now, different mobile phone companies are not competing on features. They are competing on how fast your mobile phone battery can be charged, for how long the power can last and how to reduce the number of times you need to recharge your mobile phone.

The refueling technology, as mentioned above, can eliminate the need to recharge your mobile phone every day. With mobile full refueling, you will have to use the cartridge once or twice a week.

This also means that you will need electricity in order to recharge your mobile phone. No charging cable will be required. No compatible plugs will be needed. Whenever you run out of power, all you have to do is plug in the cartridge and within a minute your mobile phone will be ready.

The refueling cartridges might be bigger right now but as the technology improves, the size will shrink to such an extent that you’ll be able to carry the refueling cartridges the way you carry medicinal capsules in a bottle.

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