Have you been receiving shocking or sensitive posts on Instagram? Instagram will blur them now


A downside of photo and video sharing mobile apps is that you are exposed to all sorts of visuals and sounds and it is not in your control what comes in front of you. The problem can be exacerbated if these photo and video sharing apps are being used by kids.

Instagram has always had an inbuilt system to filter out offensive and sensitive visuals. But it has been always an all-or-nothing sort of approach. Since often it’s the algorithms that decide whether a particular post is sensitive or offensive or not, sometimes even legitimate posts are blocked by it. Even Facebook has been facing such problems.

With the recent changes, Instagram will be blurring images and videos that it considers sensitive or offensive but don’t violate its guidelines.

What sort of images and videos does Instagram consider sensitive or offensive but may not violate the guidelines? You must have seen animal cruelty photographs appearing on your timeline often posted by animal lovers. Some of these pictures and videos are really disturbing and can spoil your day no matter how noble the intention is. Although these images don’t promote cruelty and violence, they can be disturbing to many users. Previously these images were simply blocked. Now they will be blurred and if you have the guts to watch them, you simply have to unblur them.

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