Real-time translation in Skype now also works for calls on mobiles and landlines


Soon language is going to be no barrier for talking to people of different countries speaking different languages. Skype introduced real-time translation in 2014 but it only worked for Skype-to-Skype calls. Now real-time translation in Skype is also being activated in the calls that you make on mobile phones and landline phones. The facility of real-time translation isn’t yet available in your regular Skype app. In order to be able to use real-time translation while making calls to regular mobile phones and landline numbers you need to have

  • The membership of the Windows Insider Program
  • The latest version of Skype Preview
  • Skype credit or subscription (obviously, because you will be making calls to mobile phones and landline phones that anyway requires you to have Skype credit)

Once you satisfy these three conditions, you can use the regular dial pad in your Skype app and make the call and also click the Translate “on”. Once the call is made, the other person will be notified that you will be translating the call using Skype and for that the call will need to be recorded: the person on the other side will have the option to disconnect the phone if he or she is not comfortable with the call being recorded.

The translation may take some time because the spoken language will be processed and then converted to the language it is being translated to and it will need to happen both ways.

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