Real-time comments on Facebook let you know when your friends are writing

Real-time Facebook comments

Right now when someone comments on your Facebook post you get to know of it when you check your Facebook account. According to this Next Web update some Facebook users, especially on iOS, are noticing that a “A friend is writing a comment” becomes visible whenever someone is writing a comment under your post.

This feature has always been there in messaging apps like WhatsApp and Skype. When the person you are chatting with is writing his or her comment, you can see the activity happening in real time. There have been messaging applications that make the message appear actually in real time, that is, you don’t even have to wait for the masses to be even completed – as soon as the person begins tapping the message, the message begins to appear in front of you.

Is this feature beneficial? If you want to have real-time conversations with people then yes, it might be beneficial. But for real-time conversations you already have instant messaging apps. This might be like a public conversation. The problem will arise when lots of people are leaving comments.

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