The Rainbow emoji text that can crash your iPhone or iPad


Do you know anyone can crash your iPhone or iPad by simply sending you a rainbow emoji text? All that person has to do is send you an iMessage having a rainbow emoji text and your iPhone or iPad will crash and you won’t be able to use your device for some time. It doesn’t cause permanent damage but it can be a nuisance if it renders your device useless for some time.

Pranksters are exploiting a bug in iOS to crash your iPhone or iPad by simply sending you a text message that generates flag and rainbow emojis.

The same bug has 2 variants. In one variant, there is waving white flag emoji, a zero, a rainbow and a hidden character called “variation selector” – this character can be copied into an iMessage conversation easily and then sent to anyone you feel like in order to crash his or her iPhone or iPad.

The 2nd variant has the same ingredients but instead of directly sending the message through iMessage, you can embed the message within a contacts file and through iCloud Drive it can be shared with an iMessage contact. As soon as the person opens the contact his or her iPhone or iPad crashes.

Given below is the video that explains how the rainbow emoji text can be used to crash someone’s iPhone or iPad:

As the person in the video explains, the disturbing thing about this bug is that as soon as you send the message to the device using iMessage, it simply freezes. Nothing works. Even the Home button doesn’t work. It simply crashes the iPhone or the iPad that receives the rainbow text emoji. Funny thing is, even trying to send the message to someone else can get you in trouble because after all, you will be using the same characters in your own device. This is an iOS 10.1 and below problem and right now there is nothing iPhone and iPad owners can do to prevent receiving this rainbow text emoji from one of their mysterious friends or contacts.

The bug that crashes or freezes people’s iPhones and iPads through the rainbow text emoji was discovered by a computer science student with the Twitter handle @preston59.

As mentioned above, it doesn’t permanently harm the recipient’s iPhone or iPad, it just freezes the device for 10-15 minutes and after that the device automatically restarts and the problem seems to go away. So many people are sending the rainbow emoji text message just to fool around and annoy friends and family members.

In fact, as demonstrated in the video, the problem is in the rainbow text emoji itself. No matter where it is put, it freezes the device. Whichever device runs on iOS, it crashes. Even if you put the text emoji in a simple text box, it crashes your iPhone or iPad. For example, if you’re using Google Keep and you put the text in one of the Google Keep notes, bang, your device is crashed.

The video explains, in case you want to pull the prank, how to use the text message on your own iPhone or iPad and then actually send it. As explained, even if you type the text message on your own device, it freezes your device. So you need to follow a procedure in order to be able to send the rainbow emoji text to your contacts without crashing your own iPhone or iPad.

Image source: the video

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