Quick review of Sony PumpX (SRS-X2) Wireless Bluetooth Speaker


Looking for a new speaker can be tricky — there are so many brands and specs that you sometimes just need it broken down for you. Luckily, sites like maxyourhometime have reviews on the best speaker for every type of usage so be sure to check these sites out to browse all the options. I spent a long time doing my own research because I had been on the market for a new speaker for about a year before finding this amazing Sony speaker.

I have used the Sony PumpX (SRS-X2) Wireless Bluetooth Speaker just for a couple of weeks and that too intermittently, so this is going to be a quick review. Besides, there aren’t many features in the Sony PumpX (SRS-X2) Wireless Bluetooth Speaker any way that would warrant a very comprehensive, big review. So this is our small review of the Sony PumpX (SRS-X2) Wireless Bluetooth Speaker.

I had been planning to buy a wireless Bluetooth speaker for my HTC phone for more than a year now. I had been looking at denon vs onkyo but decided I wanted a Sony. While they may not be quite as high-tech and groundbreaking as Transparent Gel Based Audio Speakers, I knew Bluetooth wireless speakers existed but I saw one for the first time only when attending one of the music classes that I briefly attended. The music teacher was using a JBL Wireless Bluetooth speaker’s first I was stuck with the idea of purchasing a JBL wireless Bluetooth speaker to play the tabla beat from his mobile phone.

Many times I almost purchased a JBL Bluetooth speaker but something or the other happened and I ended up not purchasing it. Then my sister purchased a Sony Wireless Bluetooth speaker just on a whim – she didn’t even know that such speakers existed; she saw it in the shop, liked it, and purchase it. When I visited my parents I saw her using the Sony Wireless Bluetooth speaker and I really liked it. That’s why I started exploring other brands also. I ended up purchasing the Sony PumpX (SRS-X2) Wireless Bluetooth Speaker.

Initial review of the Sony PumpX (SRS-X2) Wireless Bluetooth Speaker

The Sony PumpX (SRS-X2) Wireless Bluetooth Speaker is quite good to look at. Here is the front view of the speaker:


Specs of the Sony PumpX (SRS-X2) Wireless Bluetooth Speaker:

  • Weight: around 500 g.
  • Connection with phone: Bluetooth and auxiliary cable (stereo mini-jack input)
  • Audio output: 20W
  • Battery life: up to 5 hours per charge (so far have never played for 5 hours so cannot vouch for it)
  • Length: 17.1 cm/width: 6 cm
  • Speaker type: 2ch
  • Sound modes: ClearAudio+, virtual surround sound, volume control buttons
  • Bluetooth frequency range: 2.4 GHz
  • Power Supply: AC power/internal rechargeable battery
  • Colour options: red, white and black
  • Built-in microphone for hands-free calling (it didn’t work when I tried then I didn’t try again)

Sound quality of the Sony PumpX (SRS-X2) Wireless Bluetooth Speaker is quite good for our house. We live in a three-bedroom apartment and on full volume, if the doors are not closed, you can hear the sound in all the rooms, in the balcony and even a bit outside of the apartment near the lift.

The first-time setup is quite easy. You will need to charge it for the first time for around 2-3 hours although recommended time is five hours. Once it is charged, switch on Bluetooth on your mobile phone and then switch on the Sony PumpX (SRS-X2) Wireless Bluetooth Speaker. It automatically starts pairing (Bluetooth devices need to be paired before they can communicate with each other). Once the Bluetooth connection is set up you can immediately start listening to music or any other audio that you want to play on your mobile phone.

There is another way of setting up the Bluetooth connection called the NFC technology which stands for Near Field Communication. It needs to be switched on in your smartphone. Once it is switched on, you need to touch the NFC icon on the Sony PumpX (SRS-X2) Wireless Bluetooth Speaker with your smartphone:


If your smartphone has NFC activated, you just need to touch that “N” icon at the top of the Sony PumpX (SRS-X2) Wireless Bluetooth Speaker and it immediately gets paired, although I haven’t tried it yet.

This reminds me, when I tried to pair my daughter’s Samsung Galaxy J5 the Bluetooth speaker wouldn’t pair, no matter how much we tried. There was also some problem with the auxiliary cable but then later on we found that the problem was with the cable and not with the Sony PumpX (SRS-X2) Wireless Bluetooth Speaker. Although the Bluetooth doesn’t work except for my phone, she has been happily using the auxiliary cable with her iPad.

The Sony PumpX (SRS-X2) Wireless Bluetooth Speaker comes with a micro USB charger. If somehow you misplace this charger I assume the speaker can be charged with any standard phone charger.


So far I’m happy with it. I’m using it every day. I charge it for some time and then I use it pretty much the whole day. As I have written above, I have never used the Sony PumpX (SRS-X2) Wireless Bluetooth Speaker for more than five hours in a day on a single charge but I think given its performance so far, it will definitely be able to play music for this amount of time.

Any problem I have experienced so far with the Sony PumpX (SRS-X2) Wireless Bluetooth Speaker that I would like to mention in this review?

Not particularly. In the beginning it kept disconnecting and that was really nagging. It would suddenly disconnect after playing a song (this reminds me that I should review gaana.com). It hasn’t occurred for some time now, in fact, I had almost forgotten about it. Other than that, I really like my Sony PumpX (SRS-X2) Wireless Bluetooth Speaker

Update: I have also created a video review of the Sony PumpX SRS X2 Wireless Bluetooth Speaker.

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