What is the proper way of charging your smartphone?

proper way of charging your smartphone
proper way of charging your smartphone

To charge your phone, all you need is a connecting cable and an energy source. Most of the time, we charge our devices by plugging a connecting wire straight into an outlet, similar to those on Pop Up Outlets, and watch the battery percentage increase. But did you know that there is a proper way of charging your smartphone? Yes, there is a right way and there is a wrong way of charging your smartphone. It isn’t just about plugging in your data cable and then leaving your phone for the night.

Battery draining out quickly is one of the most frequent complaints people have with their smartphones. Initially their smartphones are working fine but then after a few months, the battery begins to drain really fast, leaving you totally frustrated. You attribute it to the number of apps that might be running in the background and scores of notifications sounds your smartphone might be making in a few minutes, and in many cases, this might be the case. But if you haven’t installed many apps and still you are running out of battery juice, maybe there is something wrong in the way you are charging your smartphone. There is a proper way of charging your smartphone and there is an in proper way of charging your smartphone.

Are you charging your smartphone the proper way?

If you’re waiting for your smart phone battery to drain out completely and then charging your phone, you are irrevocably straining your battery. If you want to prolong the life of your smartphone battery, the proper way of charging your smartphone is to charge it as frequently as possible. Don’t let the battery drain out completely. Whenever you get a chance, charge your phone even if it shows 50% charged or 60% charged. Don’t wait for the battery to discharge 95% or even 100%.

Many people think that it is not proper to charge your smartphone repeatedly because you are sending current into your smartphone multiple times. Plugging in your charger repeatedly into your smartphone doesn’t harm it. It is supposed to be exposed to electric current, so that is not the problem. The problem is your battery draining out completely and then your battery having to recharge itself with lots of energy. Yes, but draining out your battery completely overtires it over the time and does more harm than good.

So want to charge your smartphone battery properly? Charge it as often as you can.

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