Project Skybender: Google may provide superfast Internet with the help of solar drones

Google will be providing superfast 5G Internet through solar drones
Google will be providing superfast 5G Internet through solar drones

It seems drones aren’t just about fooling around and causing collisions with aeroplanes, or even for delivering orders. According to this Android Authority link, soon Google may provide superfast Internet connections with its drones under Project Skybender. This will be a superfast 5G Internet connection using solar drones. The company has reportedly started experimenting with millimeter wave-based Internet in Virgin Galactic’s Gateway to Space terminal at Spaceport America in New Mexico. Google expects to use thousands of high altitude solar drones that will be delivering superfast 5G Internet access around the world.

Millimeter waves are a new technology that has the ability to transmit data 40 times faster than LTE. The 5G Internet connection is based on this latest millimeter wave-based Internet technology. According to a University of Washington professor Jacques Rudell, quoted in this The Guardian link, “a huge advantage of millimeter wave is access to new spectrum because the existing cell phone spectrum is overcrowded. The old spectrum is packed and there is nowhere else to go.”

The problem with millimeter waves is that they fade away very fast. They cannot, unlike the present 4G connection, travel long distances. Right now they cannot compete with the mobile phones signal range.

Under Project Loon, Google is also trying to provide high-speed Internet connection with Google balloons.

Only 40% of the world is connected to the web and since most of Google’s work involves people’s presence on the Internet, the more people are on the Internet, the better are the prospects for the Internet giant. This is why, aside from building features and apps that make good things happen on the Internet, Google’s interest also lies in more and more people being able to log onto the Internet itself and hence, it is taking serious interest in making Wi-Fi available to as many people as possible. The company is using fiber cables, balloons and now solar drones to provide superfast Internet connection to as many people in the world as possible.

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