Prime Air: Amazon is making its own drones that will deliver in 30 minutes


For some time Amazon has been playing around with the idea of delivering stuff people order from the website by drones, completely doing away with the contemporary practice of using courier companies for delivery. The service is called Prime Air. These drones have and ominous name “octocopter”.

Prime Air drones will be flying although many retailers are also eager to try out delivery drones that travel on the ground instead of flying.

Most of the online retail e-commerce websites like Amazon more or less provide the same products and they even source various inventories from the same manufacturers and suppliers. So there is very little scope of competition there. What they can compete on is the price and the delivery time. One of the biggest reasons why people refrain from purchasing day-to-day things from Amazon and other online retailers is a waiting period. In most of the cases, the waiting period varies from 24 hours to a week. This is a dampener.

Online retail stores like Flipkart are working on patented technologies to reduce the gap between ordering and delivery as much as possible. From creating complex algorithms to predicting what you’re going to need to creating small warehouses in different localities everything is being tried out to deliver orders in as little time as possible (someday they will be delivering even before you place the order).

Drones certainly have an advantage over human-based delivery systems. They won’t be stuck in traffic. They can work 24 x 7. They will be as precise as computers can be. Pilferage will be eliminated.

In an interview with Yahoo published Monday, Amazon’s vice president of global public policy, Paul Misener said that now the company has a good idea of how heavy the drones themselves will be, how much weight they are going to be able to carry and how far they will be able to travel with that load.

The Amazon drones of Prime Air in the near future will be around 55 pounds and they will be able to carry a parcel of 5 pounds over 10 miles. Most of the stuff sold on Amazon on is within the 5-pound weight limit.

As you have already read on you need to register your drone in the US if the drone falls within the range of 0.55 to 55 pounds, the Prime Air drones will have the weight within the limit.

When will Amazon start delivering orders by drones?

The Prime Air service that will be delivering orders by drones called octocopters might not see the light of the day in the near future no matter how exciting it sounds. There is still lots of safety testing to be done and many FAA approvals to be obtained. The entire project may take up to 4-5 years to start working to its perfection. In the meantime, here is the video explaining the concept of the Prime Air Amazon delivery drones.

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