Preview for Skype for Windows Universal Platform available now

The new Skype for Universal Windows Platform is being released soon

Not now in the sense that you can just download and start using it. The preview version of Skype for Windows 10 that is the first full Universal Windows Platform is available to Windows Insiders. Here is the announcement on the Skype blog. The version isn’t being publicly released yet because it is still being tested, but the primary purpose of using this new version of Skype for Windows Universal Platform is to make the messaging app work uniformly across all Windows 10 devices.

For some it might be a problem and for some it might not be a problem, but when you use Skype under various Windows 10 environments, you end up using a different interface (the Ubuntu version is the barebones version, perhaps). For example, the web version of Skype is totally different from the Windows 10 desktop version and even the Windows 10 Skype version is different from the Modern/Metro version, though, the Metro version was discontinued last October. It is as if you are using a totally different instant messaging app in different environments of the same operating system.

Although the basic functionality remains the same, the new version of Windows 10 Skype has been written from scratch and it will come with a totally redesigned user interface.

Why is Microsoft overhauling Skype? They have learned that users don’t like the idea of different features of the same app acting different on different devices. According to the director of product marketing for Skype, Barbie Stafford, the original task-focused apps may have tested really well, on larger screens, users really want all of the features in a single app – and that’s what the new Skype UWP (Universal Windows Platform) aims to achieve.

For quite some time, the Skype growth has been stale. So far it has been a PC-desktop-based instant messaging app that hasn’t adapted well to the mobile world although it is one of the first instant messaging apps to be widely used and recognized. I remember I have been using Skype since the early 2000’s – back then, Microsoft hadn’t yet purchased it.

In the new version it will be adding new features and will be giving more stress and video chatting rather than text chatting, but for traditional Skype users, what matters most is ease of interacting with people and hopefully, people will have a consistent experience while using Skype for Universal Windows Platform.

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