What do you mostly prefer, a Kindle reader or a tablet?

Do you use Kindle reader or tablet to read books
Do you use Kindle reader or tablet to read books

Last month I wrote about why I read more books on my tablet rather than the Kindle Reader, but I have my own reasons. Here is a nice Q&A on CNet that throws light on various aspects of using a tablet like an iPad or an e-book reader like Kindle Reader to read books.

I am a visual person. Whether I am reading printed books or digital books, it matters to me how the fonts are rendering and how images (if present in the book) are showing. The display on e-book readers hasn’t advanced much and the same is the case with the Kindle Reader. The display is still black-and-white and the images never show properly.

The images on a device like the iPad are very crisp and even the font rendering is quite pleasing. These days you can also control the amount of backlight coming from your tablet. A big problem is that you cannot use your tablet to read books in a brighter environment, for example, the poolside. There is no option but to use the Kindle Reader or the Nook Reader.

Eventually it depends on your personal choice. If you don’t read much outside and if you are comfortable reading on your tablet, then there is no use buying an e-book reader light Kindle Reader. If you regularly read during your bus or train ride or while sitting outside then a Kindle reader can be indispensable. Again, the only problem is the font rendering isn’t as good as it is in a tablet like the iPad.

The plus side is that the Kindle Reader is quite small compared to an average tablet. In many countries it is even quite inexpensive (in India it still remains comparatively expensive) so even if you misplace it during travel, you won’t feel bad.

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