Pokemon Go is haram, against Islamic law, says a Saudi cleric

playing Pokemon Go is haram in Islam
playing Pokemon Go is haram in Islam

So if you are a Muslim and you have been enjoying Pokemon Go on your mobile phone, you have been acting against the Islamic law. Pokemon Go is haram according to Islamic beliefs, according to a Saudi cleric.

Pokemon hasn’t had its brush with the laws of haraam for the first time. It was declared haraam back in 2002 also when there was a fatwa issued against the game because it encourages gambling and it shows “forbidden” images, according to this time.com description of the recent edict.

Pokemon Go hasn’t been a hit just in Western countries. Last week, the interior ministry of Kuwait had warned people against playing the augmented reality mobile game at mosques, shopping malls and even at oil wells. Fortunately, nobody has yet fallen into an oil well while trying to find Pikachu.

Egypt has gone a step further than declaring the game un-Islamic and haram. One of its ministers have said that Pokemon Go can be used for espionage by Egypt’s enemies.

Why is Pokemon Go haram in Islam?

Pokemon Go is haram in Islam due to the following reasons:

  1. The game encourages a form of gambling and gambling is haram in Islam
  2. The game encourages people to believe in Darwin’s theory of evolution, which is haram
  3. The game promotes the Japanese Shinto religion, which is, sort of haram
  4. The game also promotes symbols from Christianity, Freemasonry and “Global Zionism”
  5. The six pointed star that repeatedly appears in Pokemon Go reminds people of Judaism, and worse, reminds people of the State of Israel, totally, totally haram
  6. Pokémon might actually be a spy used by the enemies of Islam

So here you have got plenty of reasons not to play Pokemon Go if you are a Muslim. It is haram for you to play Pokemon Go.

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