The Pokemon Go company can read your email and collect confidential data

the creators of Pokémon go can access your email and confidential data
the creators of Pokémon go can access your email and confidential data

While playing Pokemon Go, you are allowing the company to read your email and collect your confidential data in real-time.

If you are playing the Pokemon Go game, according to Pokemon Go privacy policy, the company that created Pokemon Go, Niantic, can collect the following information from your mobile phone:

  • Your email address
  • Your IP address
  • The web page you visited before playing Pokemon Go
  • Your GPS location
  • What places you visited, how did you reach there, for how long you stayed at a particular place, who else was there and from there, where you went
  • Your Google account username and password (if you are using your Google account to login and if you are using an iOS device)

Since they can access your Google account username and password, they can also read your email and even send emails on your behalf from your email account, aside from collecting other confidential data. It has read and write access to your email account. It has direct access to your Google Drive so whatever documents you have saved in your Google Drive account are available to the creators of Pokemon Go.

Of course you can revoke the access, but seriously, how many would? So if you’re reading this and if you are having a good go at Pokemon Go, stop playing the game right now and revoke the access to your Google account and activate any settings that may be needed to keep your confidential data, confidential.

The alarming thing is, if the Niantic (the creators of Pokemon Go) servers are ever hacked, you are done for. All your information will be available to the hackers and if you are managing highly critical accounts with your Gmail ID like bank accounts, you’re in for big trouble.

The problem is people are going crazy over the Pokemon Go game. It has already been downloaded by millions and according to this Buzzfeed report, the game has boosted Nintendo’s market value by $9 billion in just a few days, and this is just the beginning.

Robbers have already used the Pokemon Go game to lure victims to isolated places and rob them.

The overwhelming success of the augmented reality game is giving people all sorts of crazy ideas about how to exploit its success for carrying out criminal activities.

Worried about your confidential data falling into wrong hands?

According to the Pokemon Go privacy policy, the company can share your confidential data with third party service providers to conduct research and analysis, demographic profiling and other purposes. It may also hand over your information to law enforcement agencies, if need be.

In plain language, the creators of Pokemon Go first get hold of your confidential data and then on their own assume the responsibility of using it in whichever manner they want.

This Life Hacker blog post explains how to revoke Pokemon Go’s extensive permissions to your Gmail account or Google account.

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