Pinterest is lowering the rate of women engineers it is hiring to 25%


Pinterest had aimed at a rate of 30% in hiring of women engineers in the company but this blog post says it is not as easy as they had thought. So they have now lowered the rate to 25%. Last year, in another company blog post they had said that they would be aiming at hiring 30% women engineers. They had also set some goals for hiring different people from underrepresented ethnic backgrounds to great as diverse a team as possible.

Although, according to the blog post, the company has been able to make some progress in hiring women engineers as well as having people from other ethnic backgrounds, the progress hasn’t been as good as it should have been. Moreover, onboarding new staff post Covid has proven to be even more difficult than under normal circumstances. The current blog post lays down some reasons why the company couldn’t meet its goals about creating a diverse workplace.

For example, the managers at various places responsible for hiring people didn’t take the commitment of the company as seriously as the senior most people. Also, ideally, diversity should begin at the top but often it is not easy to find senior leadership from diverse backgrounds, due to various reasons.

All in all, Pinterest has been able to make some good progress. In fact, it is one of the few tech companies that actually set such a goal and then re-evaluate themselves. The company was able to reach its goals of increasing hiring rates of underrepresented minorities in non-engineering roles to 12% from 7%.

Diversity, to be frank, is a double-edged sword because when you include one group of people you often do it at the cost of excluding another group. Ideally companies should hire people according to their capabilities and not according to their ethnicities but sadly, we don’t live in an ideal world.

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