Pinterest is embracing e-commerce with buy buttons and shopping cart


Wherever there is traffic there is business opportunity and Pinterest gets loads of traffic. A few years ago I remember people claiming that they were getting more traffic from Pinterest than Google and Facebook combined. Sometime back, Pinterest started allowing people to buy things that have been pinned on its boards. This part of e-commerce on Pinterest was only available in the mobile devices. They had also introduced buy buttons so that you could straightaway purchase things shown in the pin.

This video demonstrates how different things can be bought straight off Pinterest:

Now full-fledged e-commerce has been introduced in the web version of Pinterest. Now you can use the buy button to buy things present on various Pinterest boards even on the web version. Not only buy, you can also add stuff to the shopping cart and the shopping cart will be updated on all your devices. For example, if you use the buy button on Pinterest to buy something and it gets added to your shopping cart, you can later on make the payment using your PC’s web browser and get the things delivered to you.

Although the e-commerce features that allow you to use the buy buttons to purchase the items that have been pinned have been there in the app since 2015, it’s only now that these features have been introduced in the web browser interface. If you don’t find these features then it probably means that the service isn’t yet available on your part of the globe.

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