Pinterest has bought the Jelly search engine


Pinterest has bought itself a search engine called Jelly. It is a question-and-answer search engine unlike other machine-enabled search engines we normally use. In Jelly you submit a question and then this question is sent to the community that is involved with the Jelly Search engine and after a few minutes or even after half an hour, you are sent a reply. Basically, it’s a human-powered search engine and the concept is actually good although logistically, it is difficult to imagine how millions of searches can be managed within a span of a few minutes.

This Verge blog post explains that the Jelly search engine was created by Twitter co-founder Biz Stone. Based on the concept of social networking the search engine was conceived as a social question-and-answer network. As mentioned above, the basic strength of the Jelly search engine is that it’s the humans who provide you the answers. This way, more complicated questions such as “What it’s like to visit the Sariska Bird Sanctuary this time of the year?”

But anyhow, according to this update, Pinterest has bought the Jelly search engine.

This is the Jelly search engine. I have never seen it before. I have never heard about it before. Doesn’t it feel like Quora? I mean, isn’t it what Quora does – provide answers to people’s questions via people’s answers rather than answers from machines?

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